Monday, September 6, 2010

Wow Cataclysm Beta

I've been playing the beta since the first round of keys went out, And I must say its far from what I wanted to see out of the game. It does indeed look a whole lot prettier; but in reality it feels like the same poorly designed talents that are soon to get nerfed after the first season unfolds once again, like many other expansions. I suppose only time will tell at this point, with current WoW being in its worst state since Launch Day, I really hope Blizzard pulls there socks up soon!


  1. I hope they get their act together soon! My gf wouldn't be able to handle Eve :P

  2. I quit wow a while back, but I might try it again when cata comes out.

  3. I wanna start back up, but I gotta get a new computer.

    Keep it updated!